@paydakunefe Social media management and content production

Photograph: We photograph the products of the brand with the concepts in line with monthly planning, both in the studio and natural environments. We share with you the post template created in line with the brand identity.

Video: Taking into account the brand’s products, promotional items and up-to-date social trends, the filmings taken in the natural and studio environment are edited and shared in dimensions such as 16:9 – 1:1 – 9:16 – 4:5.

Reels – Story – Post:. Since the social media management of brands is mainly carried out on the Instagram platform, the content produced is suitable for Instagram posting styles. We prepare our video content according to reels video features because reels videos get more interaction than other posts. In photo posts, we use compositions where we can show product details. We produce content in accordance with the post shared in story posts.